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Bailey’s Story: Sometimes You Find Your Family

Recently we held a party for our newest graduate, Bailey.  Her story began with trauma, but during her time at the Oaks of Righteousness she has transformed her life, started her walk with Christ and found something she had been missing…a family.

“My mother dropped me off at her sister’s house and she said she would be back the next day.  She never came back.  That’s when my abandonment issues started.”

Bailey was a young girl when her mother left her with her aunt. She says it resulted in a childhood spent in survival mode and caused her to enter adulthood with no family, no education and, she thought, no future. She wound up in prison and, shortly after being incarcerated, discovered she was pregnant.  

Becoming a mother set her life on a new path. “God had sent my daughter to save me from myself.”

She found an adoption agency that allowed open adoption, meaning she could continue to have contact once she was released. She also found the Oaks of Righteousness.

At her graduation party, Bailey talked about how her life has changed. “Since I’ve been here, God has created a family foundation for me. Everybody that has loved and supported me at the Oaks is here today and I’ve just overwhelmed with joy.”

Bailey is working on her GED and has a job with an oil and gas firm. She owns a car, her first. Most importantly, she is building a relationship with her child.

The adoptive family has embraced her and brought the girl to Bailey’s graduation.  In so many cases, women who have been incarcerated never reestablish bonds with their children. At Oaks, we are very proud that so many of our women are able to reconnect with their kids.

Even though she is graduating, Bailey won’t be leaving the Oaks entirely.  She’s taking a second job as one of our house managers and weekend relief workers.

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