A Testimony

         My name is Charity Fyke. I am 45 years old. I was born in San Diego, California. Both of my parents were drug addicts. and alcoholics and I grew up in a very physically, mentally and emotionally abusive home. I started drinking at 8 years old and using drugs at 9. I was married and raising 2 children by the time I was 17. During my divorce at 18 I began to drink more and use harder drugs. This carried on and off through my life even though I had 5 children and long periods of sobriety I never knew Christ.

           My 3rd time in prison I was at my bottom. I was a drug dealer and user. I had lost my children, left my husband and disappointed everyone in my family. I was suicidal and truthfully evil. Not caring who I hurt because I hurt. Then God sat me down so I could look up. My husband began to speak to me about how God had changed him. How he could forgive me because God had forgiven him. I got in the faith-based dorm where I had classes that began to change my life. God opened my eyes and showed me that even I could be a new creation in Christ.

          I met Beth Whittier and was accepted into Oaks of Righteousness. Through the classes, volunteers and programs offered at Oaks I learned how to heal and become the woman of God that He always meant for me to be. I graduated from Oaks and shortly after started an internship in women’s ministry which led into my being a program manager over a discipleship program for a year. I know God prepared the way for me to meet the needs of the Oaks at such a difficult time. For we walk by faith not by sight. I will be forever grateful to everyone involved in the Oaks for giving me a safe place to learn and grow in Christ, and for all the love and support I have received in becoming the House Manager.


Long Term Care

To help break the cycle of recidivism, Oaks of Righteousness will provide:

  • Safe communal environment promoting respect and value for each individual
  • Spiritual nourishment
  • Personal counseling to set and attain realistic goals
  • Recovery programs to sustain emotional stability and sobriety
  • Employment readiness and guidance with budgeting and money management
  • Wellness resources
  • Enrichment activities and volunteer opportunities in the community

Programs and Services at Oaks of Righteousness.

The Pearce House, a new Graduate House for the Oaks of Righteousness ministry

After graduating successfully in 1 year from the Oaks of Righteousness recovery program, the women struggle to find an affordable place to live in the area. All too often they have to start over in a new location with minimum support; or worse, go back to the people and places that contributed to their incarceration. Their incomes limit the options for housing and many landlords will not rent to ex-offenders. At Pearce House, they will continue their journey to live productive God-honoring lives with employment and transportation. The Pearce House will be self-supporting and self-governed. Residents will sign a contract/commitment and guidelines for residency. The residents will pay a monthly house fee manageable at their income levels. We are thankful and give God all the glory for acquiring this graduate house for the Oaks of Righteousness ministry in 2020.