In late 2018, the May Jeanne & Garland Slaughter Foundation gave a generous donation to Oaks of Righteousness. This money, along with part of the proceeds from the Oaks fall dinner benefit, was used to do much needed repairs and upgrades to the outside of the Oaks’ house. The work done included a full roof replacement, installation of a new door and two windows, replacement of siding with hardy plank, and the painting of the entire outside of the house. This donation was given to Oaks for making a positive change in the lives of women.

Thank you to Humble Rotary for new laminate wood flooring

Grants & Gifts

Family representatives from the May Jeanne & Garland Slaughter Foundation present their donation to Beth Whittier and Jim Rutherford of Oaks of Righteousness

Permanent Endowment Fund

Thank you to the Jeanne & Garland Slaughter Foundation!

Grants & Gifts for Oaks of Righteousness.

Thanks to The Story Church for donated household goods

Thank you to The Woodlands UMC for donating Cynthia’s new used car!

With Heartfelt Thanks

... to everyone who attended the Celebrating Second Chances fundraiser in November

... to J.R. Richard, the speaker at the Celebrating Second Chances fundraiser

... to Driving Family Futures for donating a car to Oaks graduate, Cynthia Hayden

... to the May Jeanne & Garland Slaughter Foundation for their generous donation to Oaks

... to 3H Construction Services for providing construction services for the Oaks house at cost

... to Dr. Woody T. Barksdale, for donating dental work to one of our residents